Copyworld Inc. is a company that provides several services to the community of Berkeley besides our online printing technology.

The following list shows most of our services :

  • Printing of flyers, businesscards, newsletters, books, booklets, magazines, brochures, catalogs, envelopes, postcards, greetingcards, posters, etc.

Most of the print services can be ordered on the counter or through the website.

Many of our printed products are finished with high quality UV coat for durability and overall quality. Other products are scored, binded, perforated depending on the customer purchase.

  • High speed, high quality and high volume copying.
  • Color laser copies.
  • Public internet access and Personal computers with availability of word processing and graphic processing software. Printing B/W or color available for all computers.
  • Spiral binding, folding, scoring, cutting and mailing of printed materials.
  • Artwork design services when requested